The Trust must maintain a register of beneficiaries in accordance with its Trust Deed. Those who whakapapa to the eponymous ancestor, Rangitāne, or the tupuna, Pāpāuma, and whakapapa to Te Hika o Pāpāuma, are eligible to register with the Trust in accordance with the Trust Deed. For details on eligibility and membership, visit our Eligibility page.

In order keep up to date with the latest information we encourage all those who meet the above criteria to register with the Trust.

Being a registered beneficiary also entitles you to vote on any Trust matters put to the iwi, stand for elections, and to to benefit from the settlement assets that will be held by the Trust (and/or its subsidiaries).

Register with the Trust online
Download Registration Form (PDF)

If you have any questions about the registration process please feel free to email us at