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29 February
Rangitāne Tangata Rau Festival
10-12 April @ Wairau
Te Tapuwaetahi o Rangitāne
The Return of Pūkaha
We have been busy since last year preparing for the big day that saw the ‘Return of Pūkaha to Rangitāne’. Not only is Pūkaha a key piece of the redress in our treaty settlement but it also has huge conservation importance for all of Aotearoa.

The day began with a haka-pōhiri for Her Excellency Rt. Hon Dame Patsy Reedy, Governor General of New Zealand, by the tamariki of Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Tamaki Nui a Rua. Following the pōhiri, Dame Patsy paid homage to Rangitāne
“I know how arduous the treaty settlement process can be. How it draws on every ounce of energy and commitment to undertake research, prepare for meetings and negotiate issues of such significance, representing your iwi and your tupuna.”

Dame Patsy concluded her speech by saying “Pūkaha is yours once more. You have every reason to feel proud of what has been achieved and to celebrate.”

While she spoke, her Excellency wore a kahu-huruhuru woven by Ngāti Hamua uri, Rose Bittle. The bird feathers were sourced from Pūkaha and were processed in a traditional way at two Rangitāne Wānanga. They included feathers from kiwi, weka, ruru, pārera, and toroa.

The celebrations continued with speeches from Jason Kerehi (Chair – Rangitāne Tū Mai Rā Trust), Tiraumaera Te Tau (Chair – Rangitāne o Wairarapa), and Mavis Mullins (Chair – Rangitāne o Tamaki Nui a Rua). Their speeches were accompanied with waiata Tū Mai Rā, He Uri o Whātonga, and Rangitāne Tangata Rau. After the formalities whānau and guests were able to go on a tour of Pūkaha and meet Manukura, our famous white kiwi.

We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who was involved in making the day so successful. To our 300+ whānau and guest who came along, Wayne Pitau for making the carved stand, Rose Bittle for weaving the korowai over three years, Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Wairarapa and Tamaki Nui a Rua, Te Rangiura o Wairarapa, all of our kaumatua, the Team at Pūkaha and DOC, our three Wairarapa Mayors and Tararua Mayor, and the local MPs who also attended. And we must remember this day wouldn’t have been made possible without all the hard work of our kaumātua, most of whom did not live to see the auspicious occasion.

Over the next twelve months we will continue to celebrate with wānanga and workshops for Rangitāne uri. More information will be made available soon.

Poua Reo
It gives us great pleasure to announce the second round of our te reo Māori initiative “POUA REO” free of charge, to Rangitāne iwi members.

  • The four-month programme, starting in March, will offer one on one in-home assistance with resources developed by Rangitāne for Rangitāne.
  • The tutors will help individuals and families in their own homes and online.
  • There will be two wānanga where everyone can get together and share ideas and experiences.

The programme is aimed at beginners and the target age group is over 55 year olds – a group that often misses out on programme funding; however, we do welcome interest from any whanau or individuals of Rangitāne decent who are beginners and would like to develop their reo further.

The programme, which starts in March has space for 40 participants from Wairarapa to Dannevirke. For further information contact Shelley Rutene on 0800 Tu-Mai-Ra or email 

Sponsorship & Funding
Rangitāne Tū Mai Rā Trust are happy to announce that the first of two funding rounds of $5,000.00 per annum are now open. Applications need to be made on the Rangitāne Tū Mai Rā application form (PDF form download or Online form on this page) and received by the Rangitāne Tū Mai Rā office within the timeframes below. Please send email applications to or deliver to 11 Cole Street, Masterton.

All questions on the application form are required to be answered.

  • Application opens
  • Decision notified
  • Funding released
  • Evaluation due
  • 1 February 2020 to 31 July 2020
  • August 2020
  • On approval
  • On completion of programme and funds being spent
Total Fund available $5,000.00
2020-2021 The Trust will meet twice in each financial year, as follows:

  1. Applications received between 1 February – 31 July 2020 will be considered in August 2020
  2. Applications received between 1 August 2020 – 31 January 2021 will be considered in February 2021

Rangitāne Tū Mai Rā’s purpose is to receive, manage, hold and administer Rangitāne Tū Mai Rā’s Assets on behalf of and for the benefit of the present and future Members of Rangitāne, including specifically:

  1. Preserving and enhancing the mana, honour and integrity of Rangitāne;
  2. Revitalising, preserving and maintaining of Rangitāne reo, tikanga and kawa for future generations;
  3. Promoting the identity, educational, spiritual, economic, social and cultural advancement of wellbeing of Rangitāne;
  4. Promoting the health and wellbeing generally, including of rangatahi, the aged or those suffering from mental or physical sickness or disability of Rangitāne;
  5. Providing for the ongoing maintenance and establishment of places of cultural or spiritual significance to Rangitāne; and
  6. Preserving, enhancing and maintaining the natural environment of Rangitāne.

Outside of general operating costs of the Rangitāne Tū Mai Rā as defined in the Trust Deed, the Initial Plan, also provides that income received during the initial phase should cover:

  1. Cultural revitalisation projects and projects to ensure both Rūnanga and the Rangitāne Tū Mai Rā are prepared for the post settlement phase, for example:
    1. Development of a Beneficiary Roll for the Rangitāne Tū Mai Rā;
    2. Development of the draft Kotahitanga Plan;
    3. A framework for the Rūnanga arrangements with the Rangitāne Tū Mai Rā;
    4. A review of the Rūnanga structural arrangements to align with the post settlement phase;
    5. Development of a short term and long-term cultural revitalisation programme;
    6. Collation of the evidence used through the Treaty Claims process, into one publication as a record for the iwi; and
    7. Any other projects suggested by the Rūnanga in relation to cultural revitalisation that Rangitāne Tū Mai Rā considers appropriate, following full consideration of a project plan and costings.

Rangitāne Tū Mai Rā will consider any applications for funding/sponsorship against the following:

  1. The overall objective of the proposed project and how it is relevant to Rangitāne Tū Mai Rā’s purpose;
  2. Whether the proposed project is similar, or has the same purpose, as any other project being funded by Rangitāne Tū Mai Rā in the same financial year;
  3. Whether there are alternative or more suitable funding sources for the proposed project;
  4. The key objective under the Initial Plan of ensuring that the on-account payment is not diminished in any way;
  5. Any views or comments expressed by beneficiaries regarding Rangitāne Tū Mai Rā’s activities, particularly those made at hui-ā-iwi or Annual General Meeting and supported by those present;
  6. Any other relevant provisions or guidelines the Rangitāne Tū Mai Rā may adopt by formal resolution, including any specific investment strategy.

To align with the Rangitāne Tū Mai Rā’s objectives, applications for funding must fall under one or more of the following categories:

  1. Rūnanga;
  2. Hapū;
  3. Marae;
  4. Community;
  5. Economic Development;
  6. Health and Wellbeing;
  7. Conservation and the Environment;
  8. Arts, Culture and Heritage;
  9. Education; or
  10. Technology
Te Tapuwaetahi o Rangitāne 2020
Nau mai haere mai ki Te Tapuwaetahi o Rangitāne 2020! Easter weekend 10-13 April in Wairau. An opportunity for whakawhanaungatanga, to learn about our history, compete in cultural & sporting activities & celebrate Rangitane achievements.

You can book your tickets here if you are paying online before the 8th March 2020. Prices will incur a late fee if booked after this time.

If you are paying cash, please contact your Rūnanga Office and do not try to complete this form. You will be required to complete a manual form and pay at your office.

Manawatu: 06 353 1881 debbie@rangitā
Wairarapa: 06 370 0600 info@rangitā
Tāmaki-nui-a-Rua: 06 3747771
Wairau: 03 578 6180

Waitangi in Wairarapa
This year in the Wairarapa, many of our whānau celebrated Waitangi at Wai-Fest. Our 2020 headliners were Herbs Acoustic and the beautiful songstress, Maisey Rika.Waifest showcased live entertainment including Kapa Haka groups Te Rangiura o Wairarapa and Wairarapa Ki Uta – Wairarapa Ki Tai, art, food stalls, a Rangitāne tent with mirimiri and regos, storytelling and history, with this year marking the 180th anniversary of the signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

The event was sponsored by Masterton District Council, Trust House and Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

Kaumātua Luncheon
At the end of last year kaimahi of Rangitāne o Tamaki Nui a Rua Incorporated hosted their annual Kaumātua Christmas Luncheon at Mākirikiri Marae . The theme of the day was “Indigenous Kai”, this saw the Kaumātua sampling different kai from Cambodia, Ireland, Canada, Samoa, Zimbabwe and of course our very own kiwi classics.

In previous years invites were sent to Kaumātua 65 years and over but this year the age was lowered to 60 which resulted in an amazing turn out with just over 90 Kaumātua enjoying the festivities.

The kaumātua were treated to performances by Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Tamaki Nui a Rua with their waiata and Thomas Kāmura with his very talented whānau band.
The kaumātua had a wonderful time and expressed how “namunamuā” the kai was.
It is always so rewarding seeing our Kaumātua well looked after and in such high spirits.

Kūmeti Reserve
Some of our Rangitāne o Tamaki Nui a Rua whānau visited Kūmeti Reserve recently. Kūmeti is one of the sites that was returned to us as part of our settlement redress package. It is located 13km out of Tamaki Nui a Rua on the eastern end of the Ruahine Forest Park. It also has walking tracks to Opawe Road and Kiritaki Hut for more advanced trampers and access for hunters.

The purpose of this visit was to see the condition of the reserve and what needs to be done. The site was previously managed by the Department of Conservation. The visiting party were disappointed to see that parts of the area had been vandalised with bullet-holes in the kiosk board and the gate into the grassed area had been sawn off.

Despite those things Kūmeti and its beauty outweighed all those disappointing matters and the whānau in attendance were able to see what actions needed to be taken to clean the reserve up. The sounds of Tui and also the presence of kererū made the visit very rewarding.

Kaimahi Service Day
At the end of 2019 the kaimahi of Rangitāne o Tamaki Nui a Rua Incorporated were treated to a day at the Orlando Country Club. It was a day of reflection for all the mahi they had done in the year.

During the last couple of years the kaimahi have had an opportunity to do Te Ara Whānau Ora Training, which is the main template used to help the Whānau they work with achieve their goals. One of the activities saw kaimahi being put into groups where they were given a scenario to incorporate their knowledge from their Te Ara Whānau Ora Training. This was a great way to see all the unique skills the kaimahi have to bring to the table.

Members of the Executive Committee were also present to acknowledge and celebrate the organisations achievements for the year.
The kai was namunamuā and all those who attended were able to hit some golf balls at lunch time whilst taking in the beauty of Ruahine.

The day ended with the presentation Matua Manahi Paewai did at our first Kāhui Pou on Kurahaupō waka. The day was a great way for the kaimahi to reflect and celebrate and the day was thoroughly enjoyed by all.